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Rice Dumplings - Kee Chang (碱水粽) [Red Bean Filling 红豆]

Rice Dumplings - Kee Chang (碱水粽) [Red Bean Filling 红豆]

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Rice wrapped in bamboo leaves are a specialty of the Dumpling Festival. 

Kee chang are rice dumplings made with alkaline glutinous rice. The rice is alkalinized with lye water.

We added a sweet touch to our (Kee Chang). Every bite you take encapsulates the perfect balance of rice and red bean - just the right amount of sweet in a dumpling dessert!

The annual Dumpling Festival is in honour of patriot 屈原 from 1,800 years ago in China. It started when people dumped dumplings into the river where he had drowned, to distract fish, dragons and whatnots from eating his body.

Store in cool and dry areas. Refrigerate after a day.

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