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Pear - Packham's Triumph Pear [Australia]

Pear - Packham's Triumph Pear [Australia]

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Origin: Australia

Flavour: Sweet, rich and juicy
Ripe when: Bright green skin fades to a light green or slight yellow

Packham pears are medium to large in size and are irregular in shape with a bulbous, wide bottom that tapers to a smaller rounded neck with a slender, dark brown stem. Similar in appearance to a bartlett pear, the skin transforms from green to pale yellow when ripe and is covered in patches of russeting, prominent lenticels, and small, smooth bumps. The flesh is white to ivory and is fine-grained, moist, and soft encasing a central core with a few, black-brown seeds. When ripe, Packham pears are juicy and creamy with a sweet, aromatic flavor.

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