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Japan Snack - Jaga Pokkuru Hokkaido Premium Potato

Japan Snack - Jaga Pokkuru Hokkaido Premium Potato

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Pack Size: 10 packs of 18gm
Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

Jaga Pokkuru at first sight looks just like a french fry, but this snack packs quite the surprise.

Hokkaido-grown Toyoshiro Potatoes are carefully selected and hand-cut before being specially prepared to achieve maximum flavor and texture. Roasted Okhotsk Salt distilled from Lake Saroma also plays a part in enhancing the flavor and adding another Hokkaido touch. Simply picking them up reveals a hard shell rather than the softness of a freshly cooked fry. On first bite, Jaga Pokkuru snaps with a satisfying, salty crunch. There’s a crisp, light quality of the chip that melts in the mouth, and a delicious bit of starchy potato chew at the finish.

While Calbee carries an array of flavored potato chips, these fries stand alone on the pure power of potato. You’d be hard pressed to leave Hokkaido without a few boxes of these addictive chips!

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