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Japan Peach - DaTangLin【大糖嶺】露地桃 | 化粧箱 Yamanashi 山梨

Japan Peach - DaTangLin【大糖嶺】露地桃 | 化粧箱 Yamanashi 山梨

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Origin: Yamanashi, 山梨
Pack Size: 2.0kg

DaTangLin【大糖嶺】is actually the name of a peach grade, which is one grade higher than "Premium特秀". DaTangLin【大糖嶺】must be certified by the departmental organization of "Misaka Town" in Yamanashi Prefecture to ensure that the sweetness of each one is higher than 13.5 degrees in brix level.

PS: The white tiny fur on the peaches are the natural protective layer of the peaches.

Best way to eat it:
It should not be stored for a long time, once it is ripe and soft, it can be eaten. It is recommended to ripen at room temperature before eating. After ripening, put it in the refrigerator to cool, and eat it as soon as possible.
It is highly recommended by expert to keep in the fridge for just 2 hours after it had been ripen, and eat it immediately after that.

If left in the refrigerator for a long time, the original aroma and sweetness of peaches will be reduced.

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