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Melon - Japan Viet Fuji Muskmelon 富士マスクメロン

Melon - Japan Viet Fuji Muskmelon 富士マスクメロン

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Origin: Vietnam
Variety: Japan Breed Fuji Muskmelon

The Fuji melon has a rich, sweet, refreshing taste, and soft aroma, and is juicy. It tastes even better when enjoyed after being kept in the refrigerator.

Fuji Melon, one of the top white flesh variety of melon from Japan, being bred locally in Vietnam without compromising its fine quality to bring down it’s luxurious pricing down for all to enjoy. It has a soft mellow texture, flowing out with sweet refreshing juice with each bite, just like the famously-known Shizuoka Crown Melon... 

In 2012, Japanese farmers came to Lam Dong province to experiment with growing Japanese netted melons, with the aim of bringing this premium melon product to Vietnam and exporting it to other Asian countries. After successful experimentation, the Japanese farmers developed a large number of modern greenhouses using Japanese technology. From sowing to harvesting, the Fuji netted melon must always be carefully cared for in order to produce the best quality fruits in terms of sweetness and softness.

The Fuji netted melon from Japan has a firm texture, thin skin, light green-yellow flesh, a rich sweet taste, refreshing and juicy, and has a very distinctive aroma that lingers for a long time.

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