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Avocado - Shepard Variety (Jumbo Size)

Avocado - Shepard Variety (Jumbo Size)

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Shepard Avocado is generally a shiny green colour and stays this colour as it ripens. It also tends to be a bit of a pear shape.

Always stays green even when ripe
To check if your Shepard avocado is ripe, gently press near the top. If the flesh gives in, it's ready to eat. To be safe, we recommend waiting until your Shepard is very soft – the whole top nodule should be able to be pushed in – before slicing it open.

Shepard Avocado is more unlikely to oxidise or discolour once it's cut open, as compared to Hass Variety.

This is because the Hass doesn't have the same enzymes as the Shepard, so it will discolour, and why the Shepard is really good for salads because you can cut it, throw it in and you won't get nearly as much discolouration.

β€œThe Shepard avocado is grown predominately in two locations in the world; North Queensland and Central Queensland.

β€œIts smooth glossy skin always stays green even when ripe. All harvesting in the region is done manually and varieties need to be harvested differently.

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