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Pomelo - Taiwan MaiDou Wendan Pomelo 台灣麻豆文旦柚

Pomelo - Taiwan MaiDou Wendan Pomelo 台灣麻豆文旦柚

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The pomelo is traditionally associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節)

Taiwan MaiDou Wendan Pomelo 台灣麻豆文旦柚 is different from Tambun Ipoh/ Sarawak Pomelo, they are much smaller in size, but their flavour are richer and sweeter.

If the festival has passed, the pomelo season is still in full swing, and it is a happy fact that if you have an excess of pomelos stacked around the house — they are one of the gifts of choice for the festival, along with various styles of moon cake— they will actually be improving in flavor for the next week or so, as freshly picked pomelos are not regarded as at their peak for eating.

The most highly prized fruit come from Madou (麻豆) in Tainan.

Crops of top quality pomelo from these locations are often sold out weeks before the Mid-Autumn Festival, as connoisseurs around the country take to the Internet to order directly from established producers.

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