Japan Hokkaido Onion Dressing

Japan Hokkaido Onion Dressing

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Hokkaido Onion Dressing Original 200ml

  • Award-winning and hugely popular dressing in Japan
  • Japanese-style taste of soy sauce and onion
  • All natural ingredients with no additives
  • Great dressing for salad
  • Great sauce for meat, seafood, and pasta
  • Raises the health benefits and taste of onion by 15 times
  • Patented manufacturing process

A Real Winner

Two-time Grand Prize winner of the Salad Category in the by the and winner of the Food Division's in the .


Seasoning with Benefits

Thanks to the Bio-Rational Control (BRC) recipe method, dipropyl trisulfide (DPTS) from onions is heavily concentrated, dramatically enhancing the health benefits that onions are known for. This dressing was created with the intention to support the vitality of the growing aging population of Japan so that they may continue to live long and vibrant lives.