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Japan Persimmon - Anpo Gakis Semi-Dried Persimmon [Wakayama]

Japan Persimmon - Anpo Gakis Semi-Dried Persimmon [Wakayama]

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Pack Size: 60gm per pack, approx 800gm per Full Box
Origin: 和歌山 Wakayama, Japan

Made using a unique manufacturing process passed down through generations, Anpo-Gakis have a perfect texture — firm on the outside, and silky and almost jelly-like on the inside. The persimmons are fumigated with sulfur before they are dried; this is a technique that has been practiced since the Tokugawa period. Originally only used in the production of dried grapes, this technique was applied to Anpo-Gaki persimmons by local producers around 1920.


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