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Japan Mikan 蜜柑 - Satsuma Wakayama Mikan みかん (Gift Box)

Japan Mikan 蜜柑 - Satsuma Wakayama Mikan みかん (Gift Box)

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Weight: 1.3kg
Origin: Wakayama, 和歌山 Japan

Produced in a greenhouse in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan - Satsuma mandarin orange
Wakayama Prefecture is rich nutrients and is known as the "Kingdom of Satsumas"

The fruit of talent and color has the praise meaning of "both talent and appearance, and both etiquette and courtesy"
This means that the appearance of the gift box is as good as the contents!
One of the most popular styles of Japanese mandarin oranges
The skin is thin and juicy, the flesh is fine, the sweet-sour ratio is moderate, and the flavor is excellent

The gift box packaging is full of Japanese style.

Each mandarin orange is individually packaged, which is quite exquisite.
The best choice for gift giving💖


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