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Japan Apple - Sun Tsugaru(Nagano)

Japan Apple - Sun Tsugaru(Nagano)

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Origin: Nagano Aomori prefecture, 長野, Japan
Pack Size: Approx 400gm Per piece (Large Size)

Tsugaru apples are moderately sized, round to conical fruits with a somewhat uniform shape and light russeting within the stem’s cavity. The skin is firm, slightly sticky, and has a yellow-green base that may be covered with red mottling, blushing, and striping. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, white, crisp, and aqueous, encasing a small central core

Tsugaru apples are best suited for raw applications as their very sweet flavor is showcased when consumed fresh, out-of-hand. The crisp, juicy apples don’t brown quickly when sliced and are a favored snack variety for children’s lunches, fruit bowls, and green salads.


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